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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Educational attainment plays a central part in being able to learn and understand the world around us, including the determinants and influences on our health. The better one's educational attainment, the better one is able to better look after one's health.

Malawi has been ranked as one of the lowest-performing nations for literacy in sub-Saharan Africa. Malawi’s literacy rate has decreased to 62.14% in 2016, with a male to female rates of 69.75% and 55,2% respectively. This ratio increases with age. In those aged 15 -24 years, the literacy rate is 84.3%, with only a marginal difference between males and females. The primary school enrolment rate is reported as 90.7%, with a gender parity ratio of 1.0.

Only 35% of children in Malawi complete primary school.Under-provision of education beyond primary school stunts the development of most African countries today. However, in Malawi, this has to be balanced against the high unemployment rate (61%) in those who achieve secondary education.

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